Our Vision

Revive “the image of local Indonesia company” so it is equal, respected, and able to compete with international corporates in support service business.

PT. Indocare Pacific

In 2007, PT Indocare Pacific begins its journey in the support services field especially on the Hygiene Service for washrooms. From its debut, this company have been supported by founders and operational staff with 25 years of experiences in this field. That is the reason of ecoCare draws a big attention from manufacturers who cares for their company’s hygiene and cleanliness.

With the strong commitment in eco- friendly and health-concious Hygiene service, ecoCare imposes innovative products that limit the use of chemicals and revolutionize it with natural substances.

This is the attitude and company’s core business towards the world’s high demand to create a safer environment and make a better future for humankind.

Our Mission


Strive to achieve and consistently improve customer satisfaction through high quality product and services.

Think Green

Apply ‘Think Green’ concept by empowering human resources, continuous development of the product and technology adoption that promotes better workplace and services to customers.


Add value to all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, employees, shareholders, and the environment.


Core Values


Honest, uphold company’s image, uphold the company’s secret, not to abuse inventories, work hour, power, and trust given by company.


Highly responsible when carrying a job and guarantee that every job given by the company to employees, customers, regulation systems as well as company inventories will be completed well, safe, secure, and of a high standard.

Fast Response & Trustworthiness

Fast response for every needs and problems, keeping promise, and able to provide solutions for customer satisfaction.

Excellence & Innovative

Full spirited, able to deal with any problems and always eager todevelop self potential to improve work ability and services.


Prioritizing public interest and keeping harmony in communication both inside and outside of the company.