Our People

We have CORPORATION CULTURE VALUES, where the employees have INTEGRITY, honesty as well as maintaining the good corporate name, holding firm company’s secret, not abusing any company inventories, work hour, power, and trust. RESPONSIBILITY, be responsible when doing a job and guarantee that every job given by the company to employees, customers, regulation systems as well as company inventories will be done well, secure, and of a high standard. FAST RESPONSE AND TRUSTWORTHINESS, fast response for every needs and problems, keeping promise, and able to provide solutions for maximum customer satisfaction. EXCELLENCE & INNOVATIVE, full spirited, able to deal with any problems and always develop self potential to improve work ability and service. UNIFIED, prioritizing public interest and keeping harmony in communication both inside and outside of the company.

Training & Development

Employees are the company’s most important assets. We provide training to them, evaluate their work periodically and pay attention to their career growth. This is of upmost importance to improve human resources quality, develop their potential, talent, interest and character to make sure that they optimize their ability, potential and give added-valuein parallel with the growth of the business.

Our Team

triastuti dyah arwandhani branch manager jakarta 1

Tri Astuti

BM Jakarta

wahyu darmayani branch manager jkt 2

Wahyu Darmayani

BM Jakarta

siti rahmawati branch ops manager jkt 3

Siti Rahmawati

BM Jakarta

kristiyanto wibisono BM Semarang

Kristiyanto W.

BM Semarang

benny hidayansyah general manager & marketing development

Benny H.

GM  Yogya

sianti santi branch manager bandung

Sianti Santi

BM Bandung

silvia eko sri setioningsihbranch manager surabaya

Silvia Eko

BM Surabaya

mita tjahyani branch ops manager Bali

Mita Tjahyani

BOM  Bali

tri krisnawati branch ops manager makassar

Tri Krisnawati

BOM Makassar

atty damayanti branch manager solo resize

Atty Damayanti

BOM  Solo

Mulyani branch ops manager samarinda balikpapan


BOM Samarinda

meyaty depo manager medan


DM Medan

lina marlina depo manager cikarang

Lina Marlina

DM Cikarang

agus pramono depo manager cirebon

Agus Pramono

DM Cirebon

rika davita depo manager bintaro serpong tangerang

Rika Davita

DM Banten


Yulianti Novita

Nat Group Account



BM Malang



BM Palembang

panji kurniadi resources & service audit manager

Panji Kurniadi

Service Audit