Developing new products and services are our company’s commitment as pledged in one of our Mission statement, which is to develop new product to offer the best solutions to our clients. Our new products does not only offer up to date value but also give a variety of selection to make your toilet as eco-friendly and hygienic as possible. We are proud to launch 4 new product variants as follows:


This product completes a selection of other air freshener products. The advantage of EcocareMicrobust as compared to the Ecocare LCD / Deo-Fresh is that not only is the dispenser unit smaller and aesthetics more valuable, the can size is smaller,therefore less micron volume will be let out with every spray which in turn create a more eco-friendly environment space. In addition, the fragrance smell is even stronger with every spray as the perfume used are made up of essential, core material. Microbust is highly recommended for private and exclusive rooms with two aroma choices of Vanilla and Air Energy.


A must-have for every women’s toilet, as a concern for women’s well being and safety. The difference of this product to the Sanitary Bin is that it is equipped with sensory system placed on the right side of the lid cover which is able to detect movement and automaticallyopen/close the lid cover. This touch-free lid cover prevents direct contact with germs and bacteria that might accumulate on the lid and the bin placement could be set to stick to the wall with specialized equipment. This product comes with 2 sizes, bin with 70 tampon capacity and 35 tampon capacity.


ECOCARE TOUCH FREE PAPER TOWEL product completes a series of available Tissue Dispenser. The advantage of this product besides being contamination-free, it is also efficient in the usage of the paper, whereby the measurement of the paper length output can be set towards own standards. The paper output can be set in 2 modes, SENSOR OFF-MODE (the paper automatically shoots out after the previous one has been ripped according to the pre-set measurement) and SENSOR ON-MODE (the next paper will only shoots out if sensor detect movement at the mouth of the tissue dispenser).


These new series of Ecocare Hand Dryer come in as HIGH SPEED DRYER and DUAL JET DRYER. Besides the new elegant look, it has the ability to blow out strong wind without usage of heat element, therefore the hand will be dry in less than 10 seconds. This unit will blow optimally for around 25 seconds. Equipped with water tank and wind heat/cold control system for efficient usage of electricity and an air filter for filtering dust for keeping the air blown out as clean air. From a safety point of view, this unit is also equipped with overheating, electricity overflow and short circuit prevention system.